Lesson Schedule


$50 Per Lesson

$50 Registration Fee (for each student each year)

Lesson fees are due in full on the last lesson of each month for the next month. For example: Lessons for the month of November should be paid in full by the your last lesson of October.
Students are expected to take a lesson each week.
Some months will consist of 5 weeks. Students may use the 5th lesson for a makeup lesson or pay for an extra lesson.
You will pay for each lesson even if you know that you will miss one that month. You will be allowed to schedule a lesson on another day to make-up for the missed lesson. 
 Make-Up Lessons
Make-up lessons are available for missed lessons due to illness or a scheduling conflict. Please inform me as soon as possible when you are aware that the student will miss a lesson. Make-up lessons may be done during the regularly scheduled lessons on Tues., wed., Sat., within a month of the missed lesson. 
We live in the real world and realize that scheduling around work, other activities, appointments, and life in general can be like putting a puzzle together. Flexibility is key to getting schedules coordinated. We understand when there are conflicts. Give us 24 hour advance notice when possible and we can reschedule lessons when needed.

Our lesson program caters to each student's individual needs, goals, and skill level.
We offer English, Hunt seat lessons on horses and ponies for ages 2 to adult. 
Group lessons consist of 1 hour of riding time.
Private lessons offer 1/2 hour of riding time.
All lesson students spend 30 minutes prior to the start of their lesson learning and practicing grooming and tacking the horse or pony and 30 minutes after the lesson un-tacking and grooming the horse or pony.This is valuable lesson time where the student bonds with the horse or pony and learns proper methods of grooming and tacking.


Expect 2-7 falls in the first two years of riding. 

As with all sports there is always risk of injury.
All students will fall off at some point. Proper equipment is essential to protect a rider in case of a fall.

Pay for first lesson 

​​​You must pay in advance for your first lesson. This is non refundable. You may have a makeup lesson if we are give 8 hours notice of a schedule change due to illness, accident, or injury.

Lesson Fees/Info.

Important Forms for Lesson Students 

Lesson Information

Jump for Joy Equestrian Center LLC

Lessons are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons and evenings. Morning lessons are available Monday-Saturday. We offer lessons through the day on Saturdays.
*** All students come 30 minutes prior to their ride time to groom and tack and remain 30 minutes after the lesson to un-tack and groom.

Rider Safety is our primary concern!
We ask that each student purchase a properly fitting approved helmet and paddock boots just as soon as it has been decided that he/she will continue to take lessons. This decision is usually made after the first or second lesson. Until a helmet is purchased one will be provided for the student. Students must come to lessons wearing a hard sole, closed toe shoe or boot with a small heel. Fashion boots or cowboy boots are acceptable, but tennis shoes or thick rubber soled boots are not.


Wear an Approved
Helmet and
Proper Footwear.
Follow all Rules
and Guidelines

Please download, print, and complete each.  

Return to: Colby Grace Lowder

14801 Cumberland Dr

Charlotte, NC 28227 

or bring to your first lesson.

(note this is my mailing address not the farm address.

email: colby_lowder@yahoo.com