Class List

Jump for Joy Equestrian Center Schooling Show

Start time : 9:00
Schooling: 8:00am - 8:45 am & at the lunch break
Entry Fees: $12 class or $10 class for 
Early Registration
$5 Facility Fee
Judge: TBA
6 Ribbons Awarded per Class
Champion and Reserve Ribbons for Each Division
Concessions on site
 We reserve the right to combine, split, or cancel classes which do not have 3 or more entries.
Proper headwear is required but proper attire is excused.
Please have a current negative coggins available for each horse as you enter the show grounds. You will be checked before unloading your horse.

Braiden and Katie.  

Enjoying a cupcake after our Cake Walk Fun Class

Jump for Joy Equestrian Center LLC

Early Registration:
Click on the Schooling show entry form tab, copy and paste to word, fill it in, send it to
You will get the $10 entry fee rate for early registration.

8940 Lazy Ridge Lane, Concord, NC 28025
Dates to be announced


24. Youth Walk Trot Equ. Age 13-18 
25. Youth Walk Trot Pleasure Age 13-17 
26. Youth Walk Trot Hunter Age 13-17 
27. Youth Walk Trot Equitation Age 6-12 
28. Youth Walk Trot Pleasure Age 6-12 
29. Youth Walk Trot Hunter Age 6-12 
30. Novice W/T Equ. Cross rails (Not yet Cantering jumps) 
31. Novice W/T Equ. Cross Rails 
32. Novice W/T Equ. Flat 
33. Beginner W/T Equ 
34. Beginner W/T 2-point 
35. Beginner W/T over Poles 
36. Very Beginner Leadline W/T Equ.(Trot one at a time) 
37. Very Beginner Leadline W/T Equ. 2 Point 
38. Very Beginner Leadline W/T Equ. Over one pole 
39. Walk Only Equ. Flat 
40. Walk Only Equ. 2 point 
41. Walk Only Equ. Pattern (weave thru cones) 
42. Leadline

1. 2'Jumpers 
2. 2.3 Jumpers 
3. 2.6 Jumpers 
4. Open W/T/C Equitation 
5. Open W/T/C Pleasure 
6. Open W/T/C Hunter Under Saddle 
7. Hunter Hack Cross rails 
8. Hunter Hack 2' 
9. Child/ Adult 2.3/2.6 Equitation fences 
10. Child/ Adult 2.3/2.6 Equitation Fences 
11. Child/ Adult Equitation Flat 
12. SS/LS 2' Equitation over Fences 
13. SS/LS 2' Equitation over Fences 
14. SS/LS Equitation Flat 
15. Beginner Adult Walk Trot Equitation 
16. Beg. Adult Walk Trot Pleasure 
17. Beg. Adult Walk Trot Hunter 
18. Advanced Adult W/T Equitation 
19. Advanced Adult W/T Pleasure 
20. Advanced Adult W/T Hunter 
21. Intermediate W/T/C Equ. Crossrails 
22. Intermediate W/T/C Equ. Crossrails 
23. Intermediate W/T/C Equ. Flat 

Lunch Break 

Fun Class A Cake Walk 
Fun Class B Prize Walk 
Fun Class C Bareback on a Buck